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Knitted King Alf

We did it! We filled Winchester with Knitted King Alfs!

Thank you to everyone who helped to knit or crochet a mini King Alf for our project.

They came from far and wide and we hid them around Winchester as part of our Knitted King Alf Trail (Apr – Jun 2021). Did you spot them?

We also handed out Knitted King Alfs to festival goers during Hat Fair 2021 and we’d love to follow our little knitted friend's adventures.

Take photos and share them on social media with #KnittedAlf

Let's see what the little chaps get up to.

You can also send your snaps of Alf and messages about his latest antics to

Create your own

Whether you’re a knitting enthusiast or a beginner, local or overseas, anyone can get involved and create a Knitted King Alf.

Feel free to get creative with your wool colours.

We'd love to see technicoloured Alfs of all different shapes and sizes.

Pattern Downloads

Share the journey

Follow and share Knitted King Alfs journey with #KnittedAlf