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Q&A with Youth Theatre member

Recently we hosted Play in a Day – a chance for young people to come together to create an original play from scratch.

Held on the Theatre Royal Winchester stage, the participants came up with characters and a plot for a murder mystery based in a theatre – a show they performed to their families at the end of the day.

They were assisted by our Youth Theatre team. Plus, a current member of our Youth Theatre drama and theatre group, Amelia Howell, 15, whose experience she brought to the day.

We caught up with Amelia, who joined in School Year 7, then aged 11, to find out why she loves Youth Theatre.

Playmakers: So, Amelia why did you join our Youth Theatre?

Amelia: I joined to begin with as my friend was already a part of it and strongly recommended it. I’m really glad she did!

PM: What do you enjoy most about Youth Theatre?

A: I love the drama group and doing Hat Fair (participants perform at the annual Outdoor Arts festival) and I’ve made so many friends through it! I really enjoyed being a part of it during lockdown as it continued on Zoom and we were still able to put an audio play together, which was lots of fun.

I’ve also loved taking part in – and this summer helping to lead – the workshops, which has meant I’ve met lots of people who work with Play to the Crowd (the charity that runs the theatre, Hat Fair and Playmakers Youth Theatre).

PM: What have you learnt from being a part of our Youth Theatre?

A: It has massively helped me improve my confidence and I am massively grateful for it. I think because so much of what we do is creating together, it really encourages you to be more confident in your own ideas and enjoy performing it more.

PM: What are your hopes for the future?

A: I’m definitely continuing Youth Theatre for the next couple of years and I hope to still be involved with Play to the Crowd in other ways.

I’ll definitely take the skills Youth Theatre has given me further in life. It’s helped in loads of ways.

I’m not sure what career I’ll end up going into (Amelia is hoping to study politics and history), but I’ll definitely be able to apply my experience from Youth Theatre.

I think I can guarantee being a part of Play to the Crowd will have helped me to get there!

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