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Exploring the Climate Crisis

We do our bit to protect the environment and encourage participants to think about how they can explore and talk about the climate crisis through their creative work.

How do Playmakers lead by example?

  • We travel out to communities to reduce the need for participants to come to us – to reduce pollution.
  • Youth Theatre Members, Local Talent acts, other participants and the public coming to events and activities are encouraged to car share or use public transport.
  • Existing costumes, props and marketing materials (old theatre brochures, festival leaflets etc.) are repurposed for shows and arts and craft events and activities.
  • Information about events is, on the whole, made available online, while we create and share documents with each other, online – to reduce the need for paper copies.

How have participants explored the climate crisis?

  • In early 2022 Youth Theatre Members ‘took over’ our theatre to present work (new music, theatre, writing etc.) inspired by the climate crisis and activism. Find out more about Playmakers Youth Takeover.
  • WINTOPIA is a communal arts and creative thinking space online and in the real world. An online space reduces pollution caused from people using transport to get to events, while the space encourages participants to imagine a local Utopia – which in turn should get people thinking about transforming the ways we live. Find out more about WINOPIA.