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1st Wintopian Council of Extraordinary Kindness

Join the Citzen-Artists of Wintopia on Zoom for the 1st Wintopian Council of Extraordinary Kindness.

Discover the creative kindnesses of Wintopia, meet the Citizen-Artists and take part in lots of playful Wintopia activities.

You may well be inspired to become a Citizen-Artist of Wintopia yourself
in the future!


What do I need to take part?

  • A vegetable of your choice. The reason will be revealed during the Council. All vegetables are valid and very welcome.
  • A special email, which we will send bookers a few days before the event. This will contain some small and fun creative challenges to assist in your involvement and enjoyment of the Council.
  • A device with Zoom to join the event. Your display name on Zoom should match the name under which you book your tickets (for this reason please do not book multiple tickets under the same name). Zoom meeting ID and passcode will be sent via email on the day of the event.


Will everyone be able to see/hear me?

You always have the ability to disable your own camera and microphone in Zoom. However, since the Council of Extraordinary Kindness is an interactive communal experience, it's so much better if you can be seen and sometimes heard, just like you would in a real-world gathering.

Third party recording of the Council of Extraordinary Kindness is not allowed, because that would not be kind. However, by having your microphone and camera live, you indemnify the producers against any liability whatsoever in the event your likeness, name (which may show on screen) or voice are recorded by a third party.


Wintopia is a Playmakers' project within the Ourtopia Universe, an original concept created by Richard Hurford, Sharon Richards & Andrew Loretto.

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