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Playmakers Youth Theatre

Young Company (Ages 16–25)


Playmakers Young Company is dedicated to offering local theatre makers aged 16-25 a safe, stimulating and supportive environment in which to explore their own practice and to work collaboratively with others.

Open to people of all experiences, members will attend weekly sessions led by our Young People's Producer, Liam Gifford, which will be tailored to support them in developing their practice and lead them to collaboratively create new work.

In our sessions we will explore elements of theatre making such as:

  • Acting skills;
  • Character development technique;
  • Contemporary performance practice;
  • Design for performance;
  • Devising new work;
  • Directing performance;
  • Games for rehearsals;
  • Performing technique for varied spaces;
  • Script creation.

In addition, members will be introduced to the varied roles in the theatre industry through these sessions and performance opportunities including:

  • Designers;
  • Directors;
  • Performers;
  • Producers;
  • Stage management.
  • Technical roles;
  • Writers.

Playmakers Young Company will apply the elements of theatre to devise new performances to be staged in Spring at Theatre Royal Winchester and Summer at Hat Fair festival.

Term dates

Spring Term
w/c 10 Jan to 28 Mar 2022
(Spring half term w/c 21 Feb)

Summer Term
w/c 25 Apr to 4 Jul 2022
(Spring half term w/c 30 May)

We aim to provide all groups 10 sessions per term.

Playmakers Youth Theatre offers dynamic, exciting and fun practical sessions for young theatre-makers of all experiences.

We are dedicated to providing an environment that is safe, stimulating and supportive in which young people can be happy, develop confidence and thrive.

With all sessions led by local industry professionals, Playmakers Youth Theatre is here to provide our community with an offer to delight, unite and excite everyone in exploring their creative side!

Playmakers Youth Theatre sessions are the perfect way for young people to escape, relax and recharge.