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Playmakers at Wickham

Late last year we started visiting Wickham Community Centre for mornings of free, fun activities for members of the local community to get involved in over the holidays.

We’ve entertained with creative writing, crafting, music and storytelling and there have been free hot and cold drinks, snacks and lunch provided at each with the support of the Meon Valley Lions.

During our visits families have enjoyed:

  • drawing pictures
  • writing postcards to loved ones
  • creating lists of ideas for how you’d make Wickham wonderful
  • singing about your favourite foods
  • dancing and forming a Carnival procession
  • making origami boats, colourful headbands and bunting
  • performing in a murder mystery
  • having your faces painted like the characters of The Wizard of Oz
  • potting plants and more.

Since our Taster Day in October, we’ve returned with a Carnival-themed morning and one celebrating Spring and there are more to come.

"...we had an excellent time. We felt so welcome and couldn’t get our children to leave!"

Wickham Day parent

Wickham Community Centre said: ‘It was very worthwhile for the community and gave everyone a sense of relaxation within the centre during the day. The adults who did our activities said how good it was for them as well as the children.’

Our Engagement Producer, Louise Jordan, has said: ‘Connecting with people through fun and play is what our team is all about. We’ve shared much laughter, dance, colour and song and yet we are still at the start of writing our story together.’

In one of the sessions, children got together and came up with fantastic ideas that would make an even more wonderful Wickham:

  • The right to have free ice-cream at a weekly market
  • All to be kind to animals
  • 2 hours of play every day
  • Free housing for those who need it
  • Parents to have a ‘no kids day once a week’
  • Ski lifts to go uphill
  • Chocolate before dinner
  • A vote at the start of every lesson what we learn in school
  • Cars cost 40p and are the colour of the rainbow!

Thanks go to Wickham Community Centre and Meon Valley Lions for their continued support. Keep an eye out on the Playmakers and Wickham Community Centre's social media channels to find out when our next activity day will take place.

"We’ve had a blast working with the fantastic team at Wickham Community Centre, shining a light on the joy and creativity that already exists within the hearts and minds of people in Wickham."

Louise Jordan, Engagement Producer (maternity cover), Play to the Crowd