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Harry Hampshire joins Playmakers Youth Theatre!

Harry Hampshire recently spent time with our Youth Theatre 5 - 11 years Theatre group.

The group, which meets each week at South Wonston Primary School, met to rehearse their Easter Showcase, which takes place in March.

They are preparing to perform A Tree Called Aesop, a play by Ruth Landowne-Giordano, which tells the story of three children who do not know of Aesop's fables - the stories with a moral. So it is up to Aesop and the rest of the gang to act out the famous tales for them, and to teach the children these important life lessons through jokes, poems and storytelling.

After warming up by playing splat, they rehearsed their lines and Harry gave them direction.

Harry had a great time and recommends that everyone visit Theatre Royal Winchester in March for the four Youth Theatre 5 - 11 and 12 - 16 Musical Theatre and Theatre groups' performances.

Our Youth Theatre gives young people the chance to be part of a strong and energetic ensemble company; to help them build their confidence; learn theatre skills and have fun.

There is no audition process, everyone is welcome.

The groups meet weekly and prepare for end of term sharings and an Easter Showcase - which they perform to family and friends on Theatre Royal Winchester's stage.

Find out more about Playmakers Youth Theatre.

A Tree Called Aesop by Ruth Landowne-Giordano is part of a fantastic collection of plays for kids and teens on Drama Notebook.

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